Why is it called ‘The Big Dig’?
The official name for the archaeological site is the ‘Cumberland / Gloucester Streets Archaeological Site’, however during the major archaeological excavations of the site in 1994 it was simply referred to as ‘The Big Dig’. The name stuck and has been carried forward as The Big Dig Archaeology Education Centre.

Who uses The Big Dig?
The Big Dig is used by domestic and international education groups, from primary and high school through to tertiary education and archaeological/heritage groups.

Can I visit The Big Dig site?
The Big Dig welcomes the general public to visit the site laneways during daylight hours and recommends a visit to The Rocks Discovery Museum, where significant finds from the site are displayed in a museum environment.

Can I bring a tour group onto The Big Dig site without booking an education program?
Groups and tours are welcome to visit The Big Dig site laneways, but must book in advance. There is no charge, however visits must be requested and confirmed prior to arrival so as to avoid clashes with The Big Dig educational programs, which are always given priority. If the tour is a commercial concern we require a copy of current public liability insurance. To book a group visit please email thebigdig@yha.com.au

How do I book an education program at The Big Dig?
The Big Dig education programs are delivered by the professional guides team at Sydney Learning Adventures. Bookings for these programs can be made directly with Sydney Learning Adventures.

What facilities does The Big Dig centre offer?
The Big Dig includes two classrooms (each seating up to 36 students), a simulated archaeological ‘dig’, observation areas within the archaeological site, toilets and school bag storage.  The classrooms are fitted with digital projection, wi-fi access and air conditioning.  The Big Dig classrooms can also be combined into one larger space, seating a maximum of 100 people theatre style.

Is The Big Dig centre available for hire?
It is possible to hire the centre for meetings and presentations in the evenings and on weekends, when the centre is not reserved for educational programs. For further information please contact the Sydney Harbour YHA’s Education Officer at thebigdig@yha.com.au or on (02) 8272 0915.