The Big Dig Archaeology Weekend, 24-26 May 2019

This year The Big Dig Archaeology Weekend ran from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th May, as part of National Archaeology Week. This program is part of our ongoing site maintenance and conservation work.

Sydney Harbour YHA guests looking down the northern void over the weekend saw and heard the gentle scraping noises of archaeology ‘in action’, as The Big Dig Archaeology Weekend team carefully troweled back the top mossy layer of the site and rescued surface artefacts.

The team had a great time, learning hands-on archaeological methods and skills whilst exploring The Rocks, with side visits to The Rocks Discovery Museum and Susannah Place Museum. A walk around Vivid was an added bonus.

Special thanks go to Dr Craig Barker from The Nicholson Museum at Sydney University for his entertaining and informative talk about Archaeology, looking particularly at how archaeological finds sometimes reveal a little known aspect of history.

An enormous thank you goes to our brilliant supervising Archaeologist, Helen Nicholson, who generously shared her experiences, expertise and knowledge.

The Big Dig Weekend Team 2019

Final thanks go to The Big Dig Weekenders 2019 team for their careful work over the weekend! It was a lovely working with you.

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